Succulent plants take root in China

The succulent plants, which have cute shapes and are easy to take care of, have increasingly popular among young people in recent years in China, which has exceeded the expectation of Cheng Yajing, one of pioneers in this field.

Cheng Yajing, 43, has studied and planted the succulents for more than 20 years, and is also a senior gardener in Beijing Botanical Garden, which has cultivated more than 2,000 species, making it the country’s largest data source of succulents.

As one of pioneers in exploring the succulent plants, she has spent lots of time and energy on these plants. To learn how to take better care of the plants, she travelled to the botanical gardens in South Africa four times and brought back more than 1, 000 species of different succulent plants.

One of the succulents that needed most effort and attention was Welwitschia, which is regarded as the living fossil plants, since the existing oldest ones have lived for over 2,000 years.

Cheng and her team have accumulated sufficient experience in growing such precious plant in Beijing after over 10 years of research.

Check the video to explore more of Cheng’s succulent plants world and her daily life.